School of Religions and Philosophy


Religions and Philosophy

there will be no peace and harmony in pakistan without a profound respect for the religious convictions and beliefs of each one of its citizens. the school of religions and philosophy offers a program in which courses on the religions in pakistan will be taught by those who actually follow these religions. in this way, students will acquire a more accurate knowledge of the religions and learn to appreciate the teaching of each religion and its specific contribution to society. the school of religions and philosophy seeks to produce graduates who have a broad understanding of the religions in pakistan and a more profound knowledge of one particular religion.

the school of religions and philosophy offers a bachelor of science in religions and philosophy. this is a four year degree course. during the first three years, students will attend courses of an introductory nature on each of the religions.

世界杯送宝马活动in the final year, students will select one of the following three religions as the focus of their study: hinduism, islam or christianity. the m.phil program consists of two year’s study of the religions. in the first year, students will attend introductory courses and, in the second year, students will select one particular religion as the focus of their study.

upon completion of these studies, a student would be able to take up a variety of positions in society such as in the field of mass communications, public policy and governance. a graduate from this program would be a worthy asset in the caring vocations such as the legal and medical professions or in the field of psychological counseling, social work or teaching.

all the programs offered by the school of religions and philosophy will include visits to significant religious centres. students will also have the opportunity to meet and discuss with different religious leaders.

Programs Offered